Rasoul Narimani's Platform

The BC Greens are guided by six founding principles. All our policies are developed with these principles as a focusing lens.

  • Ecological Wisdom
  • Sustainability
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Social Justice
  • Participatory Democracy
  • Nonviolence

Rasoul Narimani, the B.C. Greens Canidate for West Vancouver – Capilano district is focused on…

Health Care

Waiting times in our health care system are beyond acceptable, especially at emergency rooms. We need more doctors, nurses and clinics to achieve a better standard in our health system. Through Covid19 we learned that we can use online platforms to enhance our interactions with our healthcare system. In our recovery we should invest more in technology adoption such as remote health monitoring.


Our education system was significantly impacted by Covid-19. Teachers had to re-invent their teaching and students had to adapt to ever-evolving constraints driven by the pandemic.. We need a healthy recovery for our school system which protects our teachers and ensures a healthy lifestyle for our kids.

Nothing is more important for a society’s success than education. Teachers in British Columbia are being asked to do their jobs under unprecedented difficult conditions. They deserve our support, and most importantly they deserve funding from the government for equipment, education assistants, and smaller class sizes.

Food Security

British Columbia has a huge potential for sustainable organic farming. By investing in agriculture we will create more local jobs, address our food security and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.