I believe strength is in DIVERSITY not MAJORITY.

West Vancouver – Capilano is a riding where people know the value of hard work and building a community that will thrive for generations. Growing up on a farm & working as a scientist to design sustainable energy technologies has shown me the value of hard work and a sustainable future.

We need an MLA who does more than repeat party lines. I will work with you to face the challenges of climate change, to build economic sustainability, and to improve the livability of our region through better food security and better transportation.

Join me in setting a path for a better, greener future for all generations.

Rasoul Campaign's Key Issues:

Health Care

Waiting times in our health care system are beyond acceptable, especially in emergency rooms. We need more doctors, nurses and clinics to achieve better patient care. During the Covid19 pandemic we have learned that we can use online platforms to enhance our interactions with healthcare professionals. In our recovery we should invest further in technology-based solutions such as remote health monitoring.


Our education system has been significantly impacted by Covid19. Teachers have had to reinvent how they teach and students have had to adapt to ever-evolving constraints on their school experience. We need a healthy recovery for our school system that increases transparency, protects our teachers, and ensures a healthy education for all of our kids.


Food Security

Sustainable organic farming can form the cornerstone of British Columbia’s agricultural development. By investing in agriculture we will create more local jobs, address our food security, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Rasoul Narimani's Story:

Growing up on a farm in Iran, I learned how the key to results was good planning and hard work. It’s this work ethic that has driven my career in science and entrepreneurship, as well as my engagement in community service. 

After completing my Master’s in Science in Iran, I came to Canada after earning a scholarship to study at Simon Fraser University. Since completing my PhD in physics, where I worked on hydrogen fuel cell technology, I have focused on teaching the next generation of scientists(1), engineers and entrepreneurs as a lecturer, lab technician and facilitator with Science In Action, an outreach program that has reached over 10,000 students in K-12 in the Vancouver region(2).

My professional experience has shown that science and entrepreneurship are deeply linked. I have a background in science and technology commercialization and worked with the Fraser Health authority to help them manage their emergency room staff and resources with the goal of making our Emergency Rooms more efficient. I have served on the board of directors of the Vancouver Urban Farming Society and the Vancouver Green Party. I also have a passion for music and have performed on the tar and sitar at several local venues.

I’m seeking election as the MLA for West Vancouver-Capilano because I want to improve British Columbia’s health care, education and food security systems.

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